President Biden has enforced the American Rescue Plan with the hope to contain COVID-19, improve the economy and give relief to Americans. This Plan will also allow school administrators a way to disinfect entire school buildings. Schools will receive funding for decontamination and other things after this year-long pandemic.

Pathogend of Georgia would like to help school systems by extending cooperation towards elementary and secondary schools with a disinfectant package. This package will help disinfect and prevent all types of viruses including COVID-19. Certainly, this will be the disinfecting solution for the next 10 years for all schools.

We are offering schools a three-pronged disinfecting program. Below are the best disinfection products for schools.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Fogger

First is the Hydrogen Peroxide disinfecting fogger. This fogger is hospital grand and dual EPA registered. The fogger and the 7% hydrogen peroxide have been tested together to ensure there is a 99.9999% disinfection rating. The main use of this fogger will be to disinfect rooms with a known germ problem. It will kill measles, Staph, MRSA, pinkeye, Flu, COVID, noroviruses, and many others.

To prevent human error, the fogger is hands-free. It also does not leave a residue and is totally safe for electronics and paper products. Using this device will save on man-hours and there is no cross-contamination. It is also made in the USA.

Custom Build Electrostatic Sprayer

The next disinfecting system is a customized electrostatic sprayer. This sprayer offers the options of conventional spraying as well as electrostatic spraying. Instead of one electrostatic nozzle tip, our has three. It can be used as a conventional electrostatic or with the push of a button, turn into a blower electrostatic reaching up to 20-30 feet.

Also, you can use the spray as a backpack or on a trolley for rolling it around the school. It will disinfect a whole classroom in about 15 minutes leaving no residue. As the most frequently used disinfectant tool, it will be the most used in classrooms, buses, gyms, food areas, and staff offices.

Plasma Disinfectant Technology

Schools are also concerned about disinfecting the air the students breathe. Pathogens in the air can be absorbed by the body, especially the eyes, throat, and lungs. They will negatively impact health and performance. We have partnered with new technology using plasma disinfecting to disinfect the air quality to a 99.99% disinfectant level for SARS-CoV-2, 99.99% for Aspergillus niger, and 99.99% for MRSA. This technology is versatile and closes the infection control loop. It can be positioned anywhere there is electricity. You can choose between a portable unit or a stationary wall mount.
This technology is very versatile. It can be positioned anywhere there is electricity. You can choose between a portable unit or a stationary wall mount.

How Pathogend of Georgia Can Help

Best of all, we look forward to working with and doing hands-on training with school staff on how to use these types of disinfectant products and how to maximize their effectiveness in their schools for the students and for their staff.

This disinfecting packet is good for countering and disinfecting against the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens and germs among us. It will protect us against viruses we will see in the future for the next 10 years. Schools can be confident at disinfecting should they have an outbreak of influenza every year or have a case of meningitis, Staph, MRSA, pinkeye, or other childhood infections.

Pathogend of Georgia is here and ready to help the Georgia school systems. If you would like more information on the best disinfection products for schools give us a call at 678-575-2889 or contact us online.