When you sit down to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, decontamination products are the last thing on your mind. But if you own an eatery, it’s up to you to keep your facility germ-free and safe for your patrons. There are tons of cleaning products that claim to kill pathogens, but are they safe for restaurants? Here’s the lowdown on the best decontamination products for restaurants.

Safe Disinfectant Products for Restaurants

Germs and food don’t mix. Restaurant workers need to take great care to keep the facility free of dangerous pathogens. Confused about which cleaning chemicals are appropriate for restaurant use? When in doubt, always trust the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list of approved disinfecting products. This handy list also shows which products kill COVID-19. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the most effective products contain a bleach solution. Which ones made the cut? Products from Clorox, Lysol, and many lesser-known commercial brands topped the list.

Always Follow the Directions

Merely owning a bottle of disinfectant won’t eliminate germs in your restaurant. You have to read and follow the directions. Some products must sit on the surface for a few minutes. Others need to air dry. You can’t always spray and immediately wipe the chemicals away.

It’s also crucial to understand the difference between various products. Some products clean while others disinfect. Soap and water remove visible dirt but don’t kill germs. But a commercial kitchen sanitizer will eliminate viruses and bacteria. Remember that cleaning makes patrons think a restaurant is safe, but disinfecting ensures it is.

Food and Chemicals Don’t Mix

Head down the cleaning aisle of any store, and you’ll see tons of disinfecting products. Some of them are popular for home and office use. But what’s safe for a cubicle isn’t always a good choice for a restaurant. Commercial cleaning chemicals do kill germs, but you don’t want them to contaminate the food.

Before you stock up on cleaning products, you’ll want to check the label. Does the product contain hazardous chemicals, or is it non-toxic? As you probably guessed, non-toxic solutions are the better option. Consider it a double win if the product is also environmentally friendly.

Here’s how you can protect your workers and patrons from cleaning chemicals:

  • Clearly label all cleaning bottles.
  • Store chemicals away from food items.
  • Put cleaning supplies on a lower shelf to prevent spills.
  • Never store non-compatible chemicals, like bleach and ammonia, near each other.

Decontamination Services for Restaurants

Restaurant patrons want to enjoy delicious foods without a side of germs. Properly disinfecting your facility will keep bacteria and viruses off your menu. The right products will keep germs at bay. Commercial disinfection will ensure you never have to worry about an outbreak in your restaurant.

Pathogend provides reliable and effective disinfection services. We have the equipment necessary to kill 99.999% of germs in your eatery. We use restaurant-friendly solutions that are non-toxic. With us on your side, you’ll never have to worry about pathogens ruining your best dish. Get in touch with us if you need the safest decontamination products for restaurants.