Is your daycare center as clean and germ-free as it can be? Daycare centers across the country have ramped up measures to clean and disinfect surfaces in their facilities. They’ve purchased new cleaning products. They’ve spent more time cleaning after the children go home at the end of the day. Some have even hired cleaning services to conduct deep cleaning on a weekly basis.
Sadly, this may not be enough. To get your facility as germ-free as possible and safe for children, you need qualified, professional decontamination services that utilize techniques, products, and tools proven to eliminate contaminants, including bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. Take a closer look at four benefits decontamination services for your daycare center:

#1: Stop Outbreaks Before They Start

An illness outbreak is a nightmare for daycare providers. The best way to prevent a problem from developing in the first place is by utilizing decontamination services. Look for a company that can guarantee the highest kill rate of pathogens—one that exceeds traditional cleaning and sanitizing methods.

A wipe down with bleach wipes isn’t enough. Your daycare will get the best results when you hire a service that uses equipment delivering hospital-grade, EPA-approved solutions to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, and surface mold.

#2: Keep Your Employees Safe

When too many of your daycare employees are sick, you can’t effectively run your business. Most daycare centers only have a small number of back-up employees who can fill in when there is illness among the staff.

Time-tested, guaranteed decontamination services will prevent illness outbreaks and will also help your employees feel safer. While they understand working in a daycare puts them at risk for getting sick from time to time, knowing you are going above and beyond to keep the facility germ-free will boost morale.

#3: Give Families Peace of Mind

Your daycare families also want to know you are doing everything you can to provide a safe, healthy environment for their children in your care. When you can inform your clients that the disinfection services you use are on the same level as what hospitals use to destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses, it makes a difference. Families shouldn’t have to worry about infectious diseases and viruses lurking in your facility that could keep their child out of daycare and parents out of work for days.

#4: Prevent Business Closures

As a daycare center owner or manager, one of your top priorities is keeping the business running optimally each day. Too much illness among staff or children may mean you need to shut down for a period of time to deep clean and give everyone time to heal.
When you use professional decontamination services, you are essentially getting that deep clean regularly to prevent illness in the first place. These services destroy germs and bacteria on all surfaces and in the air, taking far less time than it would require to disinfect every area by hand.

Let Pathogend Effectively Decontaminate Your Daycare Center

If you are ready to discover the top benefits of decontamination services for daycare centers, contact the team at Pathogend today. We offer professional decontamination equipment and services to kill 99.99999% of germs in your facility. Our services save you money by reducing employee sick days and lost productivity.