Disinfection Services and Equipment Dunwoody GA

Pathogend of GA offers the Disinfection Services and Equipment Dunwoody GA trusts to protect their homes and businesses from COVID-19. COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria pose a deadly threat to Dunwoody homes and businesses. The right decontamination solution gives home and business owners crucial health protection, biosecurity, and much-needed peace of mind. At Pathogend of Georgia, we are your source for eco-friendly, medical-grade disinfection services, and state-of-the-art equipment that safely and effectively destroys dangerous pathogens and germs on all surfaces.

Reduce Pathogens by 99.9999% in Your Dunwoody Home or Business

As the leader in commercial and residential decontamination for the Southeastern United States, we are committed to creating clean and safe environments in Dunwoody and beyond. Our enhanced disinfection services and equipment have proven to reduce pathogens by 99.9999%. The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named our disinfecting fogger as one of only two products in the nation that will kill COVID-19.

Choosing Pathogend of Georgia for your decontamination services or equipment means you will receive the highest level of pathogen deactivation available on the market today. We prove our solutions’ efficacy by using an ATP meter and biological marker indicators after each service. You will receive a comprehensive report with details on all germ counts as well as suggestions for keeping your building germ-free.

Disinfect Your Home for Peace of Mind and Health Protection

Whether you are bringing a new baby home, cleaning up before moving into a new residence, or sanitizing after an illness or mold remediation, Pathogend of Georgia can help. Our eco-friendly hybrid hydrogen peroxide solution sanitizes, disinfects, deodorizes, and prevents recontamination. The result is a safe and comfortable home that you can enjoy without fear of unwanted germs.

Don’t Let Pathogens Prevent Your Dunwoody Business’s Safety and Success

As a business owner, you must help your customers feel safe entering your facility. Daycares, hospitals, restaurants, and property managers rely on our expert team to provide enhanced decontamination services that meet the highest standards from the EPA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It’s common for decontamination service providers to recommend putting away papers and belongings during the fogging process and wiping down all surfaces following the procedure. When you choose Pathogend of Georgia, you can trust we are using safe, eco-friendly, residue-free solutions that effectively destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold while posing no safety risks to your business, employees, and customers. No need to hide belongings or clean-up after our services. We destroy germs while promoting the cleanest, safest environment possible.

Purchase State-of-the-Art, EPA-Approved Decontamination Equipment

If you are looking for a whole-room decontamination system you can purchase for your Dunwoody home or business, we have the solution at Pathogend of Georgia. As a national distributor, we will connect you with the medical-grade fogging equipment you need to achieve effective, consistent pathogen reduction in your building anywhere in the U.S.

We offer four different eco-friendly systems and accessories, including the CURIS Core, CURIS3, CUROXIDE, and a hand-held sprayer. Plus, we provide trusted consultation services, training, and ongoing support to help you maximize your results while making the most of your investment.

Let Us Show You How to Make Your Dunwoody Home or Business Germ-Free

Call the team at Pathogend of Georgia today at 678.575.2889 to schedule a free consultation. Whether you seek residential or commercial decontamination services in Dunwoody or want to learn more about purchasing decontamination equipment, we will help you find the solution to meet your needs.


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