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Pathogend of GA offers the disinfection services and equipment Alpharetta relies on to keep homes and businesses safe from the threat of viruses, including COVID-19. Destroying life-threatening pathogens like COVID-19, SARS, and C.diff is more important than ever to Alpharetta homes and businesses. At Pathogend of Georgia, we offer medical-grade disinfection, biosecurity services, and state-of-the-art equipment to increase safety and provide peace of mind.

99.9999% Reduction in Pathogens – We can prove it!

Pathogend of Georgia is the leader in whole-space decontamination for the Southeastern United States and a national distributor of disinfecting foggers and equipment. We use products approved and registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to eliminate germs on all surfaces. Our disinfection fogger is one of only two products verified by the EPA to kill COVID-19.

When you call on Pathogend of Georgia for residential or commercial disinfection services, you can count on the utmost level of pathogen deactivation. We prove a 99.9999% reduction in germs with an ATP meter and biological marker indicators. Each Pathogend customer receives a full report following each service.

Destroy Germs with a Non-Hazardous, Eco-Friendly Solution

Many decontamination service providers use untested fogging techniques that leave behind a residue or use chemicals that can be hazardous to health. At Pathogend of Georgia, we use a bleach-free, non-caustic hybrid hydrogen peroxide solution that has no safety risk.

Our product disinfects, sanitizes, deodorizes, and prevents recontamination. We destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and spores on surfaces—all while promoting a clean and safe environment, posing no threat to belongings, electronics, or the health of people in the building.

Alpharetta Businesses Can Safely Achieve Germ-Free Facilities

Whether in the middle of a global health pandemic or not, business owners must find ways to keep their facilities clean and safe. Our proven services enable businesses to give crucial assurance to clients and customers, helping them know they can come to their facility without fear of infection.

From hospitals and daycares to restaurants and retail shops, businesses must offer this enhanced decontamination to remain competitive in the marketplace. Pathogend of Georgia’s solutions will ensure you kill all pathogens threatening the safety of your employees and customers,

Medical-Grade Decontamination Equipment for Your Business Anywhere in the U.S.

For home and business owners seeking a proven system to achieve whole room disinfection, Pathogend of Georgia is a national distributor of medical-grade fogging equipment. Our products include:

  • CURIS Core – a decontamination system with remote operation capabilities; uses low-level 7% hydrogen to eliminate pathogens effectively.
  • CURIS3 – a system that streamlines decontamination treatment for rooms of different sizes.
    Hand-Held Sprayer – an accessory that facilitates easy-of-use and consistent coverage when operating the CURIS systems.
  • CUROXIDE – This special blend attacks pathogens by releasing the extra oxygen molecule and creating free radicals that oxidize the organism from the outside in.
  • Trinity – decontamination for closed systems like small spaces, isolators, and gnotobiotic chambers.

Pathogend takes a highly-transparent, consultative approach to our services and equipment. You can trust you are getting the specific decontamination products to meet your unique needs, or we will point you in the right direction. When you purchase from us, we will provide monthly reports and cleaning recommendations to maximize your decontamination results.

End the Path to Infection in Your Home or Business with Pathogend of Georgia

Call us today at 678.575.2889 to schedule a free consultation for enhanced decontamination services or equipment for your Alpharetta home or business. Let our experts help you achieve the highest standard for disinfection.


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