Disinfecting Services and Products in Roswell GA

In light of COVID-19, property owners are more concerned than ever about keeping their properties free of germs and viruses. No one wants to be responsible for spreading illness. The good news is you can feel 100% confident in your disinfection efforts when you turn to Pathogend. As the Southeastern U.S.’s leading commercial and residential decontamination business, we use proven disinfecting products and services in Roswell, GA to deliver a 99.9999% pathogen reduction on all surfaces. Germs and viruses, even COVID-19, don’t stand a chance against our powerful techniques and products.

Specialists in Bio-Decontamination for Roswell GA Homes and Businesses

While some companies may offer disinfection services, decontamination is our specialty. We are experts who are dedicated to preventing outbreaks and infections, and we’ll also be there if you need to fight an outbreak. Our high-level services utilize the most effective techniques, tools, and products available to destroy dangerous bacteria, spores, and viruses.

At Pathogend, we don’t just say we kill germs, we prove it. Each service comes with multiple validation methods to confirm your home or facility is 99.9999% pathogen-free. Our team provides a full report following services to give you peace of mind. One treatment eliminates pathogens, but we also offer ongoing services to save you time and money by preventing outbreaks before they begin.

Commercial Disinfection for a Variety of Industries

Roswell GA business owners turn to Pathogend to create sterilized spaces that prevent employee sickness and keep productivity high. We decontaminate all of your spaces with multiple technologies, such as EPA-registered Hydrogen Peroxide HHP fogging from CURIS System. Industries we serve include:

  • Healthcare: doctors’ offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, and nursing care centers
  • Educational: schools, universities, daycares, weight rooms, and gymnasiums
  • Business: offices, media rooms, retail centers, lobbies, and reception areas
  • Fitness facilities: gyms, locker rooms, weight rooms, and spas
  • Transportation: ambulances, airplanes, trains, and buses

Our whole-space decontamination services mean you can trust every single surface and nook and cranny are safe for employees and customers. Pathogend also offers training and consulting services to help your staff prevent the spread of infection with the proper tools, disinfection products, methods, and practices.

100% Eco-Friendly Disinfecting Products and Services in Roswell GA

In Roswell, GA, with Pathogend, you can get all the disinfecting services and products you need without damaging the environment or filling your property’s air with toxic chemicals. Our products and methods are safe for soft materials and electronics and leave behind no unsightly or harmful residue. We care about helping you create safe, clean, pathogen-free spaces so you can know you have a healthy home or business.