Disinfecting Services and Products in Duluth, GA

Keeping businesses and homes safe in Duluth, GA starts with professional disinfecting services and products. COVID-19 and other harmful germs can wreak havoc in an instant. Preventing the spread of these dangerous pathogens is the best way to keep your customers, employees, and family safe. Are you worried about an outbreak at your business? We know what it takes to keep your facility germ-free.

Reduce Harmful Pathogens by 99.999%

Germs are everywhere, and just because they’re invisible to the eye doesn’t mean they don’t exist. That’s why it’s crucial to stop germs before they get out of hand. At Pathogend, we use specialized methods proven to kill pathogens by a staggering 99.999% on every surface. The EPA even recognized our disinfecting fogger as one of only two products effective in destroying COVID-19.

Harmful germs don’t stand a chance when we’re on the job. What’s our secret? We use state-of-the-art equipment and a hybrid hydrogen peroxide solution to keep your property safe and healthy. This powerful solution effectively eliminates bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses. It won’t damage expensive equipment and is safe for use around people. Not only will you have the cleanest facility in Duluth, but our residue-free, non-toxic products will also give you peace of mind.

Dependable Decontamination Services

Pathogend disinfects facilities of all sizes. And, our specialties include schools, restaurants, offices, hotels, and more. We even offer residential decontamination services. Our team has the training and hands-on experience needed to disinfect large and small spaces. We never cut corners, and we always stand behind our work. So, no matter your decontamination needs, you can count on us. Discover the difference a 99.9999% germ-free environment makes.

Proven Products for In-House Use

Prefer to buy your own decontamination equipment? We sell the most effective equipment and accessories, including:

CURIS Core: Our popular decontamination system uses 7% hydrogen to kill germs. And, our handy CURIS app lets you remotely control up to 15 devices.

CURIS3: Rooms come in varying sizes. Hence, the CURIS3 makes it easy to switch between spaces with interchangeable accessories.

Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide: Why wipe around germs when you can eliminate them? Our EPA-approved solution destroys pathogens on all surfaces. It even kills germs in the air!

Our products make it easy to disinfect your building from top to bottom. Our patented devices deliver proven results time and time again. And germs can’t hide from our hospital-grade solution. Enjoy environmentally friendly, guaranteed results every time.

Stop Germs and Viruses in Their Tracks

You can’t always prevent viruses, but you can stop them in their tracks. And, Pathogend knows what it takes to keep your home or business germ-free. Most importantly, our services are affordable, and we offer 24-hour outbreak response. Best of all, our proven methods will reduce sick days and boost productivity. So, connect with us online to schedule disinfecting services and products in Duluth, GA.