Business owners are more concerned than ever about keeping their environments free from germs and viruses, especially COVID-19. While using specific cleaning products approved by the EPA can help disinfect your space, they may not have the effect you desire. Top concerns include errors in the application and potentially hazardous toxins from supplies. It can be challenging to get product usage just-right to ensure proper decontamination and safety.

Keep reading to learn more about the effectiveness of commercial disinfecting products. Learn how you can make the best choice for your business.

The Problem with Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Chances are, you and your staff are experts in your industry. However, you aren’t experts when it comes to commercial cleaning. The current pandemic requires business owners to learn everything they can to make their facilities safe.

The EPA has provided a list of commercial cleaning solutions they have identified as the most effective against COVID-19. Most of these products contain bleach with 5.25 percent to 8.25 percent sodium hypochlorite. Following EPA guidelines for safe and effective disinfectant usage is crucial to achieving the highest level of decontamination in your commercial space. The steps include using only an EPA-approved product, pre-cleaning all surfaces, and using the appropriate solution surface-contact time.

It can be challenging for many business owners to get all of the steps right.  In addition, this can lead to a false sense of security for decontamination. Plus, the use of toxic cleaning supplies can lead to health problems for employees and customers.

A Better Solution for Commercial Space Disinfection

At Pathogend of Georgia, we are Georgia’s leading experts in bio-decontamination for businesses. We offer eco-friendly, whole-space decontamination services and equipment to help you win the battle against germs in your commercial environment.

  • Medical-grade fogging equipment to keep at your business location to use on a regular basis
  • Professional decontamination services—we come to your facility and provide a safe, 99.9999% effective solution that disinfects, sanitizes, deodorizes, and prevents recontamination

As one of only two products the EPA has identified as verified to kill COVID-19, our innovative disinfection fogger makes keeping your business safe easier than ever. The cleaning solution we use is a hybrid hydrogen peroxide product that is bleach-free and non-caustic. It destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold on all surfaces without posing a threat to electronics or the health of your staff and customers.

How can you be sure our products and services are effective? When you utilize our commercial disinfecting services or purchase fogging equipment from us, we provide monthly reports and cleaning recommendations to maximize your disinfection results. Plus, we use an ATP meter along with biological marker indicators to prove successful decontamination results following each service.

Your Commercial Space Deserves Safe and Effective Decontamination Services

Contact us online now to learn more about the best commercial disinfecting products, or call 678.575.2889 to schedule a free consultation for our whole-space decontamination services and products.