Daycare Disinfection

Your daycare’s students and staff deserve the highest level of decontamination services available. Turn to Pathogend when you need to be 100% confident that you are doing everything you can to perform daycare disinfection. Our experts bring years of experience and the most effective techniques and cleaning solutions to destroy the dangerous viruses, spores, and bacteria that threaten your daycare environment.

Trust Us When Health and Safety Are on the Line

Your students’ parents put their trust in you to provide a safe, healthy environment for their children. It’s a big responsibility, and it can be overwhelming in the middle of a pandemic. With Pathogend on your side, you can trust you are getting proven whole-facility decontamination. We destroy germs and viruses on every surface in your daycare to keep everyone safe and prevent outbreaks.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved our disinfectants to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), but that’s not all. We also destroy every germ that puts your students and teachers at risks—from MRSA and norovirus to measles to Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Illness outbreaks will be a thing of the past for your daycare when you let Pathogend manage your decontamination services.

We Take Daycare Disinfection Seriously

Although the health and safety of your students and staff are the top priority, we know you have other concerns when it comes to illness outbreaks. Your daycare is a business, and you need to keep the doors open to remain profitable. Furthermore, you need to be certain you are doing everything in your power to disinfect to avoid lawsuits.

Pathogend’s proactive approach to decontaminations means you can keep your daycare open with confidence. We also provide a comprehensive report after each service to verify the effectiveness of our methods. You will have everything you need to prove you are dedicated to daycare disinfection and safety.

A Germ-Free Daycare Is Possible with Pathogend

Daycares are known for being germ-infested facilities, but that doesn’t have to be true for your business. With our H202 fogging, UV lights, sporicidal disinfection, and surface testing, you will have the safest daycare in your area. If you are ready to experience the highest level of daycare disinfection services, connect with the team of Pathogend to get started.