Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide

Pathogend of Georgia is committed to providing you with the highest quality decontamination
equipment available to combat emerging pathogens and and infectious diseases.


At Pathogend, we use a hospital grade, EPA approved Hydrogen Peroxide Solution germ spray to kill viruses, bacteria, Fungi, and surface mold. The Hydrogen Peroxide is dispersed through a fogging machine which ensures the Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor goes everywhere the air goes killing germs on surfaces and even the air you breathe, leaving a full clean room behind. We use the ONLY fogging technology that can claim whole room disinfection. Hydrogen Peroxide fog is safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment and is non-corrosive. Our Hydrogen Peroxide solution is eco-friendly, leaves no residue and breaks down into water and oxygen.

Naturally Enhanced Efficacy

Effective Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant for use in hospitals, pharmacies, schools, food service establishments, and vehicles.

Many solutions containing hydrogen peroxide are too highly concentrated and may be very corrosive on surfaces. Our 7% enhanced hydrogen peroxide formulation strikes a perfect balance for efficacy and excellent material compatibility. Decontaminates hard, non-porous surfaces.

  • Enhanced 7% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable technology
  • No toxic residues left behind
  • No sticky mess
  • Bleach free formula
  • Fragrance free
  • Eliminates odors
  • No Wipe, No Rinse
  • Hydrogen Peroxide for Direct Spray & Fog.
  • EPA Reg. No. 93324-1
  • No toxic by-products or residue. No odor. No mixing.

Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™)

A groundbreaking and completely new modular method of delivering whole-space decontamination.

Exclusive to CURIS® System, this patent-pending technology combines the safety of a low-level aerosol with the penetration of a vapor to treat closed systems like isolators, small spaces, and gnotobiotic chambers.

Invisible to the eye, this innovative delivery system permeates the chamber and any onboard filters with an efficacious treatment that will not wet surfaces.


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