CURIS3 Disinfection Equipment is one of the highest quality decontamination products on the market and makes
Do-It-Yourself commercial and residential sanitizing and disinfecting fast and easy.

OVERVIEW OF CURIS3 Disinfection Equipment

Occasionally there are spaces too small to fit a CURIS device–not many, but some. For these spaces CURIS has developed an accessory extension arm as part of their CURIS3 disinfection equipment. This means that, in addition to dispensing product from the main nozzle point, it is now possible to switch from treating a large room like a laboratory or surgical suite to treating a small space like a fleet vehicle or a biological safety cabinet without the need to purchase two devices. This versatile design makes it possible. This clever system is modular and scalable and is another first from CURIS System, saving you time and money.

CURIS3 = The Multitasker

Because outbreaks are rarely confined to one space, you need multiple tools to protect your facility’s various environments. That’s where the CURIS3 Disinfection Equipment comes in. It’s more versatile than any other system and puts the highest quality disinfection product at your fingertips.

Known for its superior efficiency, portability, and versatility, the CURIS3 is designed to treat multiple areas in a single device. Its interchangeable accessories are easy to use and will meet your needs for every type of situation.

CURIS3 Disinfection Equipment

CURIS3 Accessories

CURIS handheld sprayer


Optional Accessory–Available NOW!
The lightweight CURIS Hand-Held Sprayer fits comfortably in your hand for easy use, with a convenient trigger on & off for optimal spray control. Consistent coverage for large, open spaces.


Included with CURIS3
Attach this accessory to treat small spaces like a biological safety
cabinet or a car.


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