The CURIS Core Disinfection System is the first portable, hydrogen peroxide-based fogging system
capable of disinfecting a room or enclosed area via a pulse technology.

OVERVIEW OF CURIS Core Disinfection System


In these uncertain, stressful times of COVID-19, you want complete confidence and peace of mind when it comes to the quality and efficiency of your decontamination equipment and products. Creating healthy facilities is easier, faster, and safer than ever with the CURIS decontamination system. The CURIS Core Disinfection System uses low-level 7% hydrogen to effectively eliminate harmful pathogens. The CURIS APP allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. And users can sync up to 15 devices wirelessly to treat large-scale environments with CURIS’ patented technology.

The Solution

The CURIS Core Disinfection System is the first portable, hydrogen peroxide-based fogging system capable of disinfecting a room or enclosed area via a pulse technology.

While most systems rely on dispensing chemical and turning off once the desired time is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, CURIS goes a step further by focusing on a ‘maintained pathogen-kill zone.’

Our Patented Pulse™ process maintains that volume of solution within a space to improve optimal environmental conditions.

Designed to reduce human error, our hands-free system with remote operation allows you to monitor, manage, measure, track, and report – to quickly prove, and continuously improve, your decontamination efforts.

CURIS Core Disinfection System

Technologically Advanced Operation

As the only disinfection system utilizing wireless Bluetooth technology, the CURIS App safely tracks and stores your decontamination history so you can prove your disinfection efforts are going the extra mile to combat resistant pathogens.

Our patented design ingeniously operates one device or allows the ability to sync several together for larger spaces or multiple room decontamination. With the CURIS App, you can conveniently monitor devices and their progress as you continue with other tasks.

CURIS App provides tools to help identify and address issues quickly, improving your cleaning and disinfection efficiencies. Monitor and assess quality control, optimize time, asset, and risk management. Real-time job tracking and reporting. Real-time information for increased proficiency.

Innovative Patented Pulse Technology for Greater Efficacy

Multiple patents protect CURIS and its incredible ability to provide powerful results. During the design of the device, we started with science and an understanding of why chemical disinfection often fails–It’s simple: inadequate dwell time, and fog/misting devices are no exception.

Understanding our optimally designed proprietary solution and coupling that with a portable device that could provide far reaching exposure was crucial. CURIS’ patented Pulse Mist™ operates in a way uniquely specific to CURIS. It’s the key to the system’s success.

We built a system that could deliver less solution and provide a dry efficacious treatment to a space while cycling on and off, only replenishing the solution as needed. This brilliantly simple technique is how CURIS maintains a pathogen kill zone using aerosolized fog to provide coverage other methods can’t–reaching cracks, crevices, shadows, and corners without causing saturation.

Uniquely Portable and Extremely Durable

CURIS Core Disinfection System
Dubbed “The Suitcase” by our customers, CURIS’ robust compact size and weight make it possible to have high-level disinfection anywhere pathogens travel. Unique in its portability and durability without forfeiting power, the CURIS Decontamination System makes it possible to go from decontaminating a laboratory to disinfecting an ambulance seamlessly.

Tested as checked airline baggage 97 times in no more protection than a thin cardboard box, CURIS has certainly proven it can take a beating. Perfect for mobile service companies, yet user friendly enough for in-house disinfection.

We take pride in providing you with the strongest tools possible to overcome many disinfection challenges. For this reason, each CURIS Fogger is individually calibrated to assure consistent solution output and distribution so you get a reliable treatment the first time, every time.

Your CURIS device will pass through a vigorous testing process before it leaves our warehouse. Because we own our own manufacturing facility, we can be very picky about testing. Each machine does not leave our factory without passing stringent quality control procedures, including chamber testing with biological indicators and output testing to ensure flow, reach, and strength.

The CURIS Core Disinfection System Offers Customizable Options

As part of our mission to provide high-level disinfection technology for any space, CURIS works closely with individual facilities to design solutions to meet their specific needs.

Occasionally, there is a need for a permanent solution that is integrated into the facility itself. Other times, facilities may need custom adaptations due to size, shape, or use of treatment space.

Automated and customizable solutions to decontaminate any space:

• Permanently mounted disinfection
• Adaptations for Specialty Spaces, including small, frequently used spaces
• Controlled remotely through CURIS touch pad for ease of use

CURIS Core Disinfection System


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