Pathogend of Georgia is committed to providing you with the highest quality decontamination
products available to combat emerging pathogens and and infectious diseases.

Servicing Georgia and the Entire Southeastern U.S.

Commercial Decontamination Products


Pathogend of Georgia is a proud distributor of the CURIS Foggers since 2015. The CURIS Decontamination Products System is the first portable, hydrogen peroxide-based fogging system capable of disinfecting a room or enclosed area via a pulse technology. Most systems rely on dispensing chemical and turning off once the desired time is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, CURIS goes a step further by focusing on a ‘maintained pathogen-kill zone.’

Our Patented Pulse™ process maintains the volume of solution within a space to improve optimal environmental conditions. Designed to reduce human error, our hands-free system with remote operation allows you to monitor, manage, measure, track, and report – to quickly prove, and continuously improve, your decontamination efforts.

Pathogend of Georgia offers residential disinfecting services to rid your home of germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria to eliminate 99.9999% of the contaminates that our products come in contact with. Our residential disinfecting products are Hospital and commercial grade ensuring they achieve the same level of disinfection as a hospital.

decontamination products


The CURIS Core is a portable, powerhouse disinfection system. Never before has creating healthy facilities been easier, faster, and safer.


Known as the “Multitasker”, the CURIS3 is our most versatile decontamination product, offering multiple tools to handle any space.

Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide

Our hospital-grade, EPA approved Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide Solution kills viruses, bacteria, Fungi, and surface mold.

Decontamination Products Features

Sync Multiple Devices

Large spaces require multiple devices and synchronized communication. Easily use up to 20 or more CURIS devices, which operate collectively as a group and are aided by onboard sensors to adjust to varying conditions, treating each space uniformly. *Exclusive patent to CURIS System.

Increase Productivity and Save Money

More powerful than other fogging systems and decontamination products while consuming less solution to treat each space.

Treat Pathogens Anywhere They Travel

“The Suitcase”: At 36 lbs, CURIS weighs less than your average carryon case. Effortlessly move from room to room to treat large rooms like vivariums or small spaces like vehicles, isolators, and gnotobiotic chambers.

Empower Your Staff & Protect Your Facility

  • Remote or manual operation
  • Patented multi-sync function
  • Auto calculation
  • Under Fog Protection™
  • Treat up to 10,000 cuft
  • EPA registered and validated


Operate and Monitor Remotely via App

Control is at your fingertips . . .
  • Know what your device has done, what it’s doing, and what it has left to do.
  • Wireless operation via tablet or smart phone means no messy extension cords.
  • No extra cross-contamination from contact with the floor.
  • Complete control of your treatment cycle from outside the treatment area.


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