Are you trying to decide if office building disinfection services are worth it? When you are the owner or manager of a busy office building, it can sometimes feel like everyone is sneezing and coughing at once. In the face of COVID-19, that sound is scarier than ever! Pandemic or no pandemic, keeping your office building environment free from germs must be a top priority.

What if you already have an office cleaning crew? This is about more than basic office cleaning. It’s about the decontamination of pathogens that puts your business productivity at risk. You need a stronger solution than a can of bleach wipes or traditional disinfectant spray can provide.

Keep reading to learn three reasons why you need to invest in office building disinfection services:

#1: Traditional Cleaning Methods Don’t Destroy All the Germs

It’s nearly impossible to eliminate the germs in every nook and cranny around your business with traditional cleaning methods. If you are asking employees to clean their desks and the equipment they use, it’s likely they are just spreading the germs around the room. As the cleaning solutions evaporate, they often leave behind bacteria.

Only certain cleaning products are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Center for Disease Control to kill COVID-19. Hiring disinfection specialists will ensure you have the safest and most effective products and techniques to clean your office spaces.

#2: Your Business Can’t Afford an Illness Outbreak

As many business owners discovered during the pandemic, an illness outbreak can shut down a business for weeks. Without proper decontamination for your office space, employees can pass germs to each other and your customers. Even if you don’t have to shut down the office, sick days add up and cost your business dearly. Plus, if too many of your employees become ill, you can’t meet your customers’ needs. It’s a problematic cycle that creates numerous issues for your business.

#3: Office Building Disinfection Services Provide Whole-Space Decontamination

Eliminating germs in one area of your business isn’t enough. Perhaps the office desks get clean, but pathogens are lurking in the breakroom or on the lobby couches. Or maybe you wipe down the door handles, but people bring germs in on their shoes. It can feel impossible to keep germs at bay when you have a high-traffic business.

Professional disinfection companies provide whole-business decontamination solutions. They have state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions to kill pathogens on every surface throughout your office building.

Pathogend Provides a 99.9999% Germ Reduction in Your Office

It may seem too good to be true, but we have the reports to back up the claim. Our whole-space decontamination services kill 99.9999% of germs in your office building. We use a medical-grade fogger that delivers the highest level of pathogen deactivation available on the market today. It’s one of only two products in the U.S. identified by the EPA as a tool that destroys COVID-19.

Ready to experience a safe, pathogen-free office environment? Learn more about the office building disinfection services from Pathogend now.