Decontamination Products & Services

Our Decontamination Products & Services Guarantee the Highest Kill Rate Of Pathogens Possible (6-Log), Exceeding Traditional Cleaning, Sanitization, And Disinfection Processes

Servicing Georgia and the Entire Southeastern U.S.

Our Decontamination Products


The CURIS Core is a portable, powerhouse disinfection system. Never before has creating healthy facilities been easier, faster, and safer.


Known as the “Multitasker”, the CURIS3 is our most versatile decontamination product, offering multiple tools to handle any space.

Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide

Our hospital-grade, EPA approved Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide Solution kills viruses, bacteria, Fungi, and surface mold.

Our Disinfection Services

Your business clients should be able to visit in comfort knowing that your location is disinfected and free of germs and pathogens. Perform enhanced disinfection using patented Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide (HHP), vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), disinfection technology and the only pulse fogging approved by EPA to disinfect to a 99.9999% level. Our products are eco-friendly, leave no residue and kill germs on all surfaces. Disinfecting kills bacteria, mold, and viruses. Our service sanitizes, deodorizes, improves air quality, disinfects to EPA standards, aids in the prevention of insects, lice, bed bugs, and mold growth.

Office Building Disinfection

Hotel Disinfection

Restaurant Disinfection

Daycare Disinfection

. . . and more.

Customer Testimonials

Vince Battaglia, Owner

Over 35 years of Active duty and Guard service. Deployed to over five different countries and operated in 54 of the 57 US States and Territories.  Experience in Army aviation medicine and HEMS operations.  Emergency preparedness trained and experienced with highly contagious and commonly spread diseases overseas.  Assisted in the containing and treatment of pathogens that affected 32% of the workforce. Aided in the Containment  and treatment for Korean hemorrhagic fever.  VA Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) since 2015.


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